How to Find Something

Posts and Pages
Content on the “Tri-Town Apple” is organized like many blogs. There are posts, which carry “Tri-Town Apple’s” messages. These are similar to periodic columns in a newspaper. There are also pages. Most of the “Tri-Town Apple” pages are fairly static and describe different aspects of “Tri-Town Apple” blog. For instance, this page, “How to Find Something” that you are reading now, it’s purpose is to help visitors, who might not be familiar with blog structure, find their way. The navigation link menu for all pages is at the top.

Home Page for Posts
The blog posts are all placed on the “Home Page”, the most recent post on top, the next most recent is next, and so on. A visitor coming to the “Tri-Town Apple” blog will land on the “Home Page” and may scroll down through the posts. They will eventually see all the posts. But there are better ways to see what the overall content is and to find post on particular topics of interest.

Categories and Tags
Posts are assigned one or more “Categories” & usually one or more “Tags”. Categories are broader in scope,e.g “Save & Invest” and “Taxes” are categories. Tags are more focused, e.g. “Credit Cards” and “Household Records” are tags.

The categories and tags are grouped together in groups, called clouds. You can see them in the right hand column. The size of the font within the cloud indicates the number of posts under that category and/or tag. The larger the font, the more posts that are available under that category and/or with that tag

Use the Clouds
Looking at the cloud entries will provide a visitor with an overview of the content on the blog. Clicking on one of cloud entries, either categories or tags, will give the visitor a list of all the posts that were classified under that particular category or tag. For example, clicking on the category “Protect” will provide all the posts classified under that category.

There is also a “Search Box” which a visitor may use as well.

Posts Have Their Own Pages
In addition to being placed on the “Home Page” all posts have their own page as well. That is handy if you would like to bookmark it and return directly to that page later. You can also forward the page URL to someone else, for their direct access. From the Home Page post, click on the title to go to the page with the individual post. Or, if you used a category or a tag to see a number of posts, click on a post title to visit the page with the individual post.

Give It a Try
That’s all there is to it. Mosey around by clicking on a category or two. Try the tags as well. You cannot hurt anything and you will see how easy it is to focus on topics that interest you.

Let us know how this works for you. You can do that by leaving a comment.

Thanks for visiting the Tri-Town Apple.

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