Life Events

Under the category of “Life Events”, Tri-Town Apple provides information to help with making the best financial choices about major life events. This includes references to brochures, publications, websites and videos with helpful information. The resources offer background information, helpful guidance, tools and tips to assist with your decisions.
An important source for this information, like much of the Tri-Town Apple’s content is the U.S. Government website, “”. This site offers a wide array of information, not only on Life Events, but on the many financial decisions everyone must make that shape their financial well-being. We encourage you to visit this web site at to view for yourself the many financial information resources, tools and tips available.

Areas of Focus
More specifically, following on the format of, we will focus on the following important Life Events that many of us experience at various times in our lives. To view posts within these areas, select the desired category from the “Category Cloud” in the right-hand column. Or visit Life Events at


  New Child


  Higher Education and Training


  Life Partners

 home ownership  

  Home Ownership




  Unplanned Events




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