Auto Repair Basics

Buying can be fun, repairing never is!

This is the sixth in a series on Auto Buying and Owning. The earlier articles, for the most part, have dealt with the acquisition of a car. Today’s article turns to the need to repair and maintain our purchased vehicles. A list of the previous articles:

  1. Buying a New Car

  2. Buying a Used Car

  3. Used Car Warranties

  4. Service Contracts

  5. Renting a Car

The next article will address the question of Buy vs. Lease.

FTC Feature
Like the previous five, this article will be based on the FTC web site feature, Buying & Owning a Car. Tri-Town Apple strongly suggests you visit that site, maybe bookmark it. We all, at some time or another, are faced with acquiring an automobile (new or used), deciding about service contracts and, of course, having the car car serviced. Many of us have also experienced the sticker shock of a repair bill. Maybe that invoice was fair, reasonable, and justified. And maybe it wasn’t. To minimize that chance, and all the the other pitfalls of automobile ownership, reading the FTC web site article isn’t to high a price to pay. You may wish to download the Auto Repair Basics document (PDF) to keep handy.

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