Renting a Car

Today we continue our series on Buying and Owning a Car (OK, renting is neither buying or owning, but you get the idea). This is our fifth in a series on purchasing owning and automobile. Click on the articles below to view the first four. Content for all articles is taken from the FTC Consumer Information web site, Buying and Owning a Car.  Future articles will cover Repair & Maintenance, and Purchase vs. Lease.

Buying a New Car

Buying a Used Car

Used Car Warranties

Automotive Services Contracts

Even though most of us do own a car, we have the need to rent a car now and then, e.g. for vacation or business travels. Comparing prices online can save you a bundle. But make sure you compare the total cost — not just the advertised rate — because fees and options can increase the base price dramatically. For a look at what these fees and options might be, along with other considerations, continue reading the FTC advice. Continue reading